Who Are We  ?                                                                                       

Phi Al
gorithm Solutions Inc. is a skilled team of ASIC and image processing professionals, located in Toronto, with experience developing proven IC semiconductor solutions for the consumer electronics industry.   The team have been involved in inventing and developing bleeding-edge video algorithms in a number of key areas including internet video processing, image enhancement, noise reduction, de-interlacing, panel processing, FRC (Frame Rate Conversion), and 3D video processing.

What Are Our Core Competencies ?                                                              

The following is a survey of recent activities undertaken by our group of professionals.
  • Machine Learning 
    • Anomaly Detection
    • Arbitrary Object Detection and Tracking
    • Recommender Systems
    • Demand Forecasting
  • Image Processing
    • Super-Resolution (Temporal and Spatial)
    • Internet Video Processing
    • 2D to 3D Conversion
    • 3D Crosstalk Reduction 
    • 3D Depth Control
    • LED Backlight Dimming 
    • Adaptive Dynamic Contrast Enhancement 
    • Sharpness and Image Enhancement
    • Color Management 
    • Panel Response Time Compensation 
    • Compression Artifact Removal 
    • Video/Graphics Scaling (Linear and Anamorphic)
    • Motion Compensated and Motion Adaptive Noise Reduction 
    • Motion Compensated and Motion Adaptive  De-interlacing 
    • Video Cadence Detection 
    • Video Compression
  • Video Stream Processing
    • Format Conversion for HLS/RTMP using FFmpeg
    • Capture and Transcoding using FFmpeg
    • Mixing, Video Effects using FFmpeg
    • FFmpeg code customization
    • Stream Analysis
  • IP Monetization (see Services)

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