In order to provide deliverables that can be tailored to your company’s design flow, our team of experts have hands-on experience in :
Algorithm Development for Image Processing  and Machine Learning
- Implementation for hardware (VHDL/Verilog) and software (C/C++/Matlab/Python/etc.)
- Chip and System Architecture
- Patent Evaluation, Patent Mapping, Patent Litigation (Deposition, Trial)


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Design & Development

AI/Machine Learning  : Object Detection, Recognition and Tracking

Video Analytics : Object Detection and Tracking

Image and Video Processing :
Video System Architecture and Design

Video Algorithm implementation for CPU, FPGA, ASIC, MPU, GPU

Video Enhancement/Restoration 
   Motion Compensated and Motion Adaptive Noise Reduction
-    Super-Resolution (Temporal and Spatial)
-    Image Scaling (Linear, Keystone, Anamorphic)
-    Image Warping
-    Video Compression Artifact Removal  
-    Sharpness and Image Enhancement
-    Color Management 
-    Adaptive Dynamic Contrast Enhancement 
-    Motion Compensated and Motion Adaptive Deinterlacing
   Video Cadence Detection 

ISP processing
-   Bayer CFA interpolation (Demosaicking/Debayering)
-   Sensor Calibration
-   Stereo Sensor Rectification/Perspective Correction
-   Disparity Correction
-   Noise Reduction
-   Color Correction
-   Dead Pixel Correction, etc.

Display Processing
   LED Backlight Dimming 
   Panel Response Time Compensation 

3D Image Processing
   2D to 3D Conversion
   3D Crosstalk Reduction 
-    3D Depth Control

Image Format Conversion

Video Transcoding
-    Format Conversion for HLS/RTMP
-    Capture and Transcoding
-    Mixing, Video Effects
-    FFmpeg code customization
-    Stream Analysis

Application Specific Processing
-    Internet Video Processing
-    Surveillance Video Processing
Consultation and Services

Video Algorithm Development
Video Technology Evaluation & Analysis 

Phi Algorithm Solutions Inc. offers consultation services to help companies evaluate and identify improvements within the context of their existing image processing and computer vision technologies.

Services for Patent Analysis and IP Monetization 

Patent Portfolio Analysis 

Portfolio Evaluation : 
 Evaluation of patent vulnerability
-  Detectability and scope
-  Commercialization
-  Availability of alternate means

Patent Mapping :
-   Mapping patents to potential products and companies

Reverse Engineering : 
 Using novel techniques to identify evidence of infringement.

Claim Charts : 
 Mapping evidence of infringement to patent claims

Expert Witness  : Expert Witness for patent analysis, infringement reports, rebuttal, deposition, trial