In order to provide deliverables that can be tailored to your company’s design flow, our team of experts have hands-on experience in :
Algorithm Development for Image Processing  and Machine Learning
- Implementation for hardware (VHDL/Verilog) and software (C/C++/Matlab/Python/etc.)
- Chip and System Architecture
- Patent Evaluation, Patent Mapping, Patent Litigation (Deposition, Trial)


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Design & Development

Machine Learning  : Object Detection, Recognition and Tracking

Video Analytics : Object Detection and Tracking

Image and Video Processing 

Video System Architecture and Design

Algorithm implementation for CPU, FPGA, ASIC, MPU, GPU

ISP processing
-   Bayer CFA interpolation (Demosaicking/Debayering)
-   Sensor Calibration
-   Stereo Sensor Rectification
-   Disparity Correction
-   Noise Reduction
-   Color Correction
-   Dead Pixel Correction, etc.

Video Enhancement/Restoration 
   Motion Compensated and Motion Adaptive Noise Reduction
-    Super-Resolution (Temporal and Spatial)
-    Image Scaling (Linear, Keystone, Anamorphic)
-    Image Warping
-    Video Compression Artifact Removal  
-    Sharpness and Image Enhancement
-    Color Management 
-    Adaptive Dynamic Contrast Enhancement 
-    Motion Compensated and Motion Adaptive Deinterlacing
   Video Cadence Detection 

3D Image Processing
   2D to 3D Conversion
   3D Crosstalk Reduction 
-    3D Depth Control

Display Processing
   LED Backlight Dimming 
   Panel Response Time Compensation 

Image Format Conversion

Video Transcoding
-    Format Conversion for HLS/RTMP
-    Capture and Transcoding
-    Mixing, Video Effects
-    FFmpeg code customization
-    Stream Analysis

Application Specific Processing
-    Internet Video Processing
-    Surveillance Video Processing
Patent Analysis and IP Monetization

Expert Witness  : Expert Witness for patent analysis, infringement reports, rebuttal, deposition, trial

Patent Portfolio Analysis 

Portfolio Evaluation : 
 Evaluation of patent vulnerability
-  Detectability and scope
-  Commercialization
-  Availability of alternate means

Patent Mapping 
-   Mapping patents to potential products             and companies

Reverse Engineering : 
 Using novel techniques to identify evidence of     infringement.

Claim Charts : 
 Mapping evidence of infringement to                patent claims


Technology Evaluation & Analysis 

Phi Algorithm Solutions Inc. offers consultation services to help companies evaluate and identify improvements within the context of their existing image processing and computer vision technologies.